10 reason Why Digital Marketing is Important in 2019 across all the business Verticals?

1. Real intelligence AI Salesforce will most recently grow from marketing to artificial intelligence to more than 50% of the next two years to see better targeted advertising.
2. Impact marketing is mainstream The more brands that allocate the brand this year, the more influential the marketing campaigns, because the results are very effective for advertisers from people last year. Influencing Factors Marking Your Marketing More time and money - New potential customers reaching an effective way.
In addition, 2018, the live streaming video platform is the marketing area of ​​influence in the focus of the main focus of attention, which will give full support to the impact on marketing has gained new niche players and E-sports. In the last twenty years, the potential of utilizing the potential of marketing in 2019.
3. Video ads will grow Mobile video is expected to spend $ 20 billion in 2019 ($ 200 million to 2015) and video is expected to spend 85 percent of its total smartphone, video, …

Do you want to Gear up your business in future 2020 ?

Innovation comes out of great human ingenuity and very personal passions.
Some people dream of SUCCESS, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.

During the conversation, the most significant trends and technologies that will affect the business in the next few years were touched upon, including:

Internet of thingsSecurity and privacyDrones and Autonomous vehiclesArtificial intelligence and software botsSelf-service automationMobile applications for communication, collaboration and reporting.Robotics in production and service
Business participants learned where the technology is progressing to make sure you make the right business investment decisions in the coming years.
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